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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

Expert Author Cookie Maxwell
Airbrush makeup is a popular form of foundation that is used to make skin appear virtually perfect. There are basically three forms of foundation used by average consumers: liquid, powder and cream. Makeup foundation is also available in a spray form; however, until recently it was only used by professional makeup artists. Spray (airbrush) makeup is typically used with a primer, a clear, matte base. When spray foundation is used together with a primer, it can conceal scars, redness and blemishes to give skin a smooth appearance.
Professional makeup artists began using airbrush makeup for television celebrities so that even those with a bad complexion would appear to have perfect skin. This type of makeup does not use a sponge or other applicator so it doesn't create streaks, smudges or other types of imperfections. Since the foundation is applied with a spray nozzle, it is also more sanitary than other types of makeup that require the makeup artist to use their fingers or a sponge.
Airbrush makeup is lighter than standard types of foundation makeup and dries much quicker. This type of foundation makeup is now available for public consumer use and is sold in the majority of department stores or drugstores. The product is sold in a small can with a nozzle to spray the makeup on or more expensive versions of the foundation is sold with a small canister of foundation and a battery operated spray nozzle that is attached to the canister.
The majority of at-home airbrush makeup is not made in the same quality as the brands used by professionals. The primary problem is that the application used by professionals is done with an airbrush kit, which sprays a light mist and even layer of the foundation. Whereas, many at home brands do not have the same power as a high quality compressed air system, so when sold for home use, it may not produce the same effect, but it will be lighter and more effective than liquid or cream foundation.
Airbrush makeup is sold in a variety of types and brands, ranging from the least expensive aerosol cans to the most expensive, which is the airbrush machine. Some users are happy with the look achieved by a spray can, while others prefer the airbrush machine, so the best kind for personal use basically depends on the budget and personal taste.
Airbrush foundation is available in the same colors as traditional foundations, but it is important to use shades that are the closest to natural skin color to avoid uneven blending. When using airbrush makeup, it should be sprayed in light, even strokes and avoid holding the can or the wand in one area for more than a second or two. The foundation used in a machine must be thin enough to prevent clogging and unlike traditional foundation, when using airbrush foundation it should be applied on the neck and jaw line for more even blending. It is recommended that you practice with the spray can or the airbrush wand a few times in order to learn how to "mist" the makeup on correctly.
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