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Sexual Stimulant or Health Hazard: Why Sex and Alcohol Don't Mix

Sexual Stimulant or Health Hazard: Why Sex and Alcohol Don't Mix

It is not uncommon for a man - or a woman for that matter - to be nervous about a sexual experience, particularly if it is with a new partner. A man may be worried about his skills in the sack, self-conscious about being naked, or just plain afraid his partner won't be satisfied with his love stick. Whatever the reason for the nerves, some people turn to alcohol or other drugs as a sexual stimulant as they believe it will allow them to relax and perform better.
Unfortunately, this practice can actually have the opposite effect on one's libido and has potentially risky side effects. Perhaps rather than stressing about a new relationship, it is better to take it slow and be sure both partners are ready for the next step. Additionally, striving to keep the penis in tip top condition with a daily penis care routine may help reduce feelings of self-consciousness and increase feelings of confidence while naked.
Alcohol and Sex
While it is true that alcohol can reduce one's sexual inhibitions, potentially making one feel more adventurous or even sexy, it is not the best answer in terms of dealing with issues of sexual anxiety. Alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows the body and brain down, diminishes cognitive reasoning and, if consumed in excess, can lead to passing out or even blacking out. The combination of those elements does not seem good when it comes to the sexual experience; alcohol can even have detrimental or dangerous consequences, including the following:
  1. Poor judgment: Perhaps the biggest risk of too much alcohol before getting frisky is the impairment on one's judgment. An individual who always uses condoms may allow them to go be the wayside because they aren't thinking beyond the moment. Alternatively, the impairment may cause the condoms to be used improperly, thereby increasing the risk of infection transmission or pregnancy.

  2. Pushing Boundaries: Even if a person is fairly certain they wish to engage in sex with their partner, alcohol can blur the decision-making process, which may lead to regrets in the future. Two drunken individuals may not be communicating with each other properly and may inadvertently cross one another's sexual boundaries. Sadly, alcohol has often played a role in unwanted sexual advances or engaging in sexual acts that one normally would not participate in if they were clean and sober.

  3. No Memory of Event: In cases of individuals using alcohol to excess, it is not uncommon to black out and have no memory of the events that transpired the night before. This is particularly dangerous when the question of sexual activity comes into play. If individuals are unsure if they had sex, they certainly cannot be sure if they used protection, which definitely increases the risk of infection or pregnancy.

  4. Sexual Dysfunction: Often known by the slang term "whisky dick," too much alcohol inhibits one's performance dramatically. Alcohol reduces sensations in the nerve endings, making it more difficult to achieve an erection, let alone orgasm. Sadly, the likelihood of the very thing a man is most worried about happening- poor sexual performance - increases with each alcoholic beverage he consumes.
Boosting Self-Confidence
Men who are seriously worried about disappointing their partner may want to consider expressing these concerns prior to "the big night." There is a good chance she may be experiencing some of the same anxieties, so simply talking them out may make the situation more comfortable for both parties. Additionally, taking steps to feel more confident in the appearance of one's penis may translate into self-confidence in the bedroom. Utilizing a high-quality penis health creme can help revitalize the skin of the penis while keeping the skin smooth and supple (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Selecting a formula made with vitamin A can also help fight odor-causing bacteria and keep the penis fresh and clean all day long.
For additional information on most common penis health issues, tips on improving penis sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy penis, visit: http://www.penishealth101.com. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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